Ensure your catering premises are compliant, with an independent food safety audit of your establishment. The audit will review your food premises, operating practices, food safety management systems & training. The audit is also suitable for those operating a small to medium sized business i.e., cafe, deli, restaurant, tea room, takeaway and can be arranged to suit your business operating hours. A report with recommendations for further development will be provided following the audit.

How Can Our Services Help You?

Our food safety, quality and catering consultants are on hand to discuss your specific requirements and deliver a bespoke solution.Food Safety Consultants Cambridgeshire

Along with completing food safety and hygiene audits, our consultants are here to help write and implement your food safety policies.

If you cannot answer any of the questions below or believe that the current standards fall below the necessary levels, we are ideally positioned to help.

  • Are your food safety policies up to date and compliant with the very latest legislation?
  • Are you in possession of adequate food safety paperwork?
  • Is your HACCP adequate to control your food safety hazards?
  • When did you last check and verify your HACCP?
  • Has your food safety paperwork been validated?

Cost Effective Services

Our services have been put in place to provide our clients with high quality and cost effective solutions designed to help food-related businesses to exceed their customer’s expectations whilst ensuring compliance with all outstanding legislation.

By allowing us to help your business, we will be able to help you meet the demands of the industry so that you can focus on doing what you do best!

Supporting Your Business

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer an excellent resource service and exceed our client’s expectations every time!

We can work with your business on a contracted or ad-hoc basis to ensure that your business has the support to achieve its goals whether this is identifying and resolving an underperforming catering business or simply on a contract monitoring basis. This service may be provided whether your catering is contracted out, operating ‘in house’ or as an independent trader.

Consultancy packages are available to include Food Safety & Health & Safety systems management & training.

It may be you simply need advice on a few aspects of your business to ensure compliance, or to focus on specific areas of your catering operation.  If you are about to set up a catering business or expand your operation, whatever the requirement please call 0772 0837466 or email dd@debbiedawtrey.co.uk for a no obligation quotation.

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