Faced with an increasingly competitive market, finding achievable and affordable ways to gain a competitive edge over your rivals can prove to be highly beneficial for your company.

It is therefore worth investigating all possible ways in which you can make the quality of your customer service better than that of your competitors.

The Importance of Good Customer Service

The quality of customer service is often viewed as being more important to a customer than many other features of a product or service – even price, and as such many Mystery Dinerhighly successful businesses rely on their superior reputation for good customer service to sustain a price differential over their competitors.

Assessing the Level of Customer Service

Finding an independent method of assessing the level of the services our customers receive is the only effective method of finding ways to improve. The team at Debbie Dawtrey can offer an individually tailored ‘mystery diner’ experience designed to carry out an audit of your customer service with total discretion.

What is Mystery Dining?

‘Mystery Dining’ involves sampling of your service, or in the case of a hotel, a complete guest experience, with a report from each survey.

Throughout each survey, we will be able to identify all areas of strength and weakness along with ensuring that your employees are not only complying with any legal requirements but also with your own policy guidelines.

The Benefits of Mystery Dining

From our base in Cambridgeshire, we are able to cover all areas of the UK to provide our clients with an accurate assessment of the services that their customers currently receive.

We carry out visits to your restaurants, cafe, hotels, leisure resorts, to sample all aspects of the service that your business provides.

The benefits of mystery dining include:

  • Cost Effective and Accurate Method of Monitoring Customer Service Standards
  • Effective Method of Identifying Staff Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Provide an Effective Deterrent Against Poor Service and Negative Practices
  • A Method of Identifying Areas of Under Performance

It may be you simply need advice on a few aspects of your business to ensure compliance, or to focus on specific areas of your catering and hospitality operation.  If you are about to set up a catering business or expand your operation, whatever the requirement please call 0772 0837466 or email dd@debbiedawtrey.co.uk for a no obligation quotation.

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